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Where is Yreka?
Yreka is located on I-5 in Northern California. We are located 22 miles south of the California-Oregon border and 98 miles north of Redding, CA.
Where is City Hall?
Located at 701 Fourth St, City Hall is near downtown Yreka, 4 blocks from W. Miner St. and across from Jackson St. School.
Where is the Siskiyou County Superior Court?
The Siskiyou County Superior Court in Yreka is located at 311 Fourth St, downtown.
When and where are City Council meetings?
Council meetings are usually the first and third Thursdays of each month. They are held at 6:30pm in the Council Chambers at 701 Fourth St.
Where can I get a copy of my birth certificate?
You can request a copy of your birth certificate, for a fee, from the Siskiyou County Recorder's Office, located at 311 Fourth St., Room 108, Yreka, CA.  Phone: (530)842-8065
How do I pay for a traffic ticket?
Traffic tickets are handled by the Siskiyou County Municipal Court, you can call them at (530) 842-8082.
Where do I get a marriage license?
Marriage licenses are handled by the Siskiyou County Clerk. You can call at (530) 842-8084.
Where do I go to pay my property taxes?
The Siskiyou County Tax Collector handles property taxes. You can call at (530)842-8340. 
Why do I have to pay a fire tax?
In November of 2006, a two-thirds voter majority approved a special property-based assessment known as the fire tax. This tax enables the Fire Department to purchase capital equipment. With the revenue from the fire tax, the City was able to secure a 10-year loan for $1,091,964 in order to purchase a four-wheel-drive Intruder Pumper Truck and a Quint Aerial Ladder Truck as well as the related hoses and supplies to outfit the engines. The fire tax is permanent, and only goes to support the Fire Department. Every January the fire tax receives a cost of living adjustment. This adjustment will raise (or possibly lower) the fire tax based on the Engineering News Report's Construction Cost Index, which essentially measures inflation. 
How can residents of Yreka reduce waste and recycle?
There are many ways to recycle and reduce waste in Yreka. You would be surprised by how many items can be recycled and reused. Most e-waste, and many other items, like batteries, TVs and computer monitors, can be disposed of for free at the county transfer station. For more information on recycling e-waste visit this page. While there is no citywide effort to compost, many local organizations participate in composting and reducing organic material that is sent to land fills.
Where are drop off locations for recycling?
Visit the City of Yreka's Recycling page to find locations where you can drop off your recycling.
How do I properly dispose of hazardous materials?
Safely disposing of hazardous materials is critical to protecting not only the health and safety of Yreka's residents, but it is also important because it ensures the protection of the surrounding environment. Visit Siskiyou County's Environmental Health page to learn about how you can safely dispose of hazardous materials.
U-waste is the name used to describe items containing hazardous materials that cannot be disposed of in household garbage due to the danger it may cause your garbage handler as well as the possibilities of water supply contamination.
Is gold panning allowed in Yreka?
View the flyer for information regarding gold panning in Yreka. 
Does the City Have a 24 hour drop box?
Yes, the City Hall drop box is open 24/7, and is located adjacent to the main City Hall entrance at 701 Fourth St. View the drop box location.


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Do I need a burn permit?
Yes, burn permits are required within the City limits and restrictions apply. To acquire a burn permit, visit City Hall, at 701 Fourth St. There is no fee for a burn permit and they do not expire, but they can be revoked. If you happen to lose your burn permit, please visit City Hall and fill out a new permit.
What hours of the day am I permitted to burn?
Burning is permitted during daylight hours.
How can I find out if it is an ok burn day?
To find out if it is a permissible burn day contact Siskiyou County Air Pollution Control at (530) 842-8123.
Do I need a business license if I'm working from home?
Yes, business licenses are required for home businesses and can be acquired through City Hall at 701 Fourth St.
How high can I build a fence?
Permissible fence height varies depending on where on a property a fence is located, whether or not the fence is on a street corner, and other factors. Check ordinance 16.46.050 to find which fence height limit is applicable to you.
Why are dogs the only animals that require a license?
Animal Control receives over 600 calls a year requesting various services. About 80% of these calls are dog related. Plus, licensing dogs allows the City to ensure that dogs in the City have up to date rabies vaccines. 
Why did dog license fees recently increase?
The City strives to have dog license fees, along with impound related fees, pay for about 50% of the Animal Control budget. In order to reach this goal, fees are raised to keep up with increases in expenses. Without increases in license fees, the percentage of costs covered by fees would decrease every year. This would once again shift the burden for paying for the majority of Animal Control expenses to the public in general.
Does my puppy need a dog license?
You do not need a license for a dog until it is 4 months old.
When do I need a building permit?

New buildings, including the placement of manufactured homes

Additions (bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, etc.)

Installing a pool more than 24" deep

Renovations (garage conversions, basement conversions, kitchen expansions, etc.)

Electrical systems

Plumbing systems

Adding or changing a wood or gas fireplace

Adding or changing a wood stove or a gas insert

Replacing a roof

Constructing a patio cover or carport

Constructing an accessory building over 120 square feet

Changing a water heater

Adding a window or changing the dimensions of a window

HVAC (heating, ventilating and air-conditioning) systems


How do I reserve one of the parks, Community Center, or Community Theater?
Park reservations can be made by phone at (530) 841-2386 or visit City Hall at 701 Fourth St. To reserve the Community Center or Theater, call (530) 841-2332 or visit City Hall. 
Is the use of a metal detector allowed in City parks?
Metal detectors are prohibited in City parks.
Is alcohol allowed in the City parks?
It is unlawful to consume alcoholic beverages in the City parks, with the exception of Greenhorn Park, however, a permit can be obtained from the City Clerk for the consumption of alcoholic beverages in any such prohibited areas for group activities.


Who maintains the sewer lateral?
The property owner owns and is responsible for maintaining the entire sewer lateral from the plumbing in the property owner's buildings, up to and including the connection to the sewer main in the street. If there is a clog in the sewer lateral, it is the property owner's responsibility to clear it. City crews are not allowed onto private property in order to clean or maintain privately owned sewer laterals.
Who maintains the water lateral?
The property owner owns and is responsible for maintaining the water lateral from the connection(s) in the building, up to, and including the connection to the water meter.
Who maintains street lights?
Public Works maintains street lights in the City of Yreka. If you would like to report a street light that is out, call the Public Works Maintenance Division at (530) 841-2370. 
Who is responsible for sidewalk repairs?
The property owner is responsible for sidewalk repairs. View the California Streets and Highway Code - Maintenance of Sidewalks for more information. 
Who is responsible for snow removal from Main Street?
Caltrans is responsible for removing snow from State Route 3 and 263, which includes Main Street, Montague Road, and Fort Jones Road.
When does the City plow snow from streets?
Public Works plows streets when snow depth reaches 4-6 inches at the Yreka Police Station. View the snow removal page for more information. 
When are City streets cleaned?
City streets are swept as needed.
How often is grass cut in City parks?
Grass is cut in City parks every other week.
Can I put my household trash in City garbage cans?
No, City trash cans are placed in the parks and on downtown streets to eliminate litter in these areas. The trash cans are not for household waste. The cost to dispose of the large amounts of household waste is reducing money dedicated to performing other critical services. Please help us to keep disposal costs down by not placing household waste in the City’s trash cans.