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Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is responsible for operating and maintaining the water supply and treatment facilities, water distribution system, waste water collection system, waste water treatment plant, storm drain system, streets and alleys, traffic signs, street lights, parks and the City's Municipal Service Center. It is also responsible for maintaining certain city buildings and assists other departments with maintenance of their buildings. Public Works maintains all City vehicles, motorized equipment and heavy equipment.

 Public Works is also responsible for all engineering functions of the City including review and approval of parcel maps, subdivision maps and plans for public infrastructure improvements; issuing encroachment permits and inspecting encroachment permit work; inspecting the work for all other public infrastructure improvements; managing the city's transportation improvement program and managing the design and construction of City capital improvement projects.

The Department has four Divisions in addition to Administration, and Engineering.The divisions are Maintenance (streets, sewer, water, storm drains, parks, traffic, buildings), Fleet Management, Water, and Wastewater Treatment Plant.



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