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How do I get a no parking sign installed?
The Chief of Police is responsible for determining where no parking signs are to be installed. If it is determined that a no parking sign needs to be installed, the Chief will work with the City of Yreka's Department of Public Works to have the appropriate signs installed. Ordinance Link.
How do I get a copy of a police report?
There are times when a police report may not be released. If a case is still under investigation (or other legal reasons) your request may be denied. Some reports contain confidential information that cannot be released. Reports may be released either by mail or in person during business hours. Please call our Records Department at (530)841-2300. Click here to print and fill out a Request for Records Form (PDF, 482KB), which can be delivered or mailed to:

Yreka Police Department 
412 W. Miner St. 
Yreka, CA 96097
How do I get fingerprinted?
Fingerprinting is conducted through the Sisikiyou County Sheriff's Department. Contact (530)842-8300 for more information.
How can I arrange to go on a "ride-along" with a police officer?
The Yreka Police Department Ride-Along Program allows citizens to become familiar with the Department, its functions and responsibilities. Interested individuals are permitted to participate in the Ride-Along Program after completion of an application/waiver and approval by the Ride-Along Coordinator.
My friends got pulled over, and the officer made us get out of the car and sit on the curb. How come?
Any officer's primary concern is officer safety and control of the scene. One of the easiest ways to keep people under observation and control is to have them sit down, and the curb is usually the best (safest) option.
If I don't show up in traffic court, what happens?
That depends on your bail status and what you were supposed to be in court for. If you've posted bail, it could mean you are found guilty and your bail is forfeited. If it was for a mandatory appearance, the judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest. If you were to be there for a traffic trial, the judge may try you in absentia (the officer will present the case without you, and you will probably be found guilty).
Do officers have to have a specific reason to pull someone over?
Yes. An officer can pull someone over for any violation of the vehicle code, or if there is probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. Erratic driving, possible drunk driving, cruising slowly with no apparent reason may also prompt a traffic stop. There are lots of possible reasons, and if you get pulled over, it's perfectly fair to ask why.
Can a police officer make you get out of the car during a traffic stop?
Yes. It is a matter of officer safety, and people can be made to exit a vehicle and remain in a safe place for a reasonable amount of time. If you refuse, you may be obstructing an officer, which is a crime.
Can an officer search someone, even if the person isn't under arrest?
A pat-search for weapons can be made anytime an officer suspects a person might have one, and consent for that is not needed. Individuals on probation or parole may have a search clause, which means they agreed to be searched at anytime for the privilege of not being in custody. Search warrants can be obtained a person. Officers can always search a person if consent is given.
Can a police officer search under the hood of my car?
Yes, if there is probable cause. California Vehicle Code (CVC) 2806 gives law enforcement the authorization to inspect vehicles if it is believed that vehicle modifications have been made.
Can an officer handcuff people who aren't being arrested?
Yes. Anytime someone is detained, an officer can handcuff them for mutual protection, if it is believed to be necessary.
Can an officer force his/her way into a house without a warrant?
Sometimes. If officers are chasing someone who just committed a serious crime, they can go in after him/her -- it's fresh pursuit, while a crime is happening. If there is good reason to believe someone is in a house, officers can force entry to arrest someone if their delay would allow escape or destruction of evidence. Entry can also be forced to save lives or rescue kidnap victims, where a delay could result in injury or death. With an arrest warrant, officers can go into person's house to get them if there is reason to believe that the person is there. If there is reason to believe a serious crime is in progress, officers can go in using necessary force in order to investigate and arrest the suspect. If there is no clear urgency to act immediately, officers need to get an arrest and/or a search warrant. If police have a lawful right to enter and demand entry, you can be arrested for obstruction if you refuse or deny entry in any way.
I need a police case number. How do I get one?
Police case numbers are issued when a police report is made. You may call dispatch at (530)841-2300 and an officer will contact you, or you may make a report in person at the police department. If you did not get the information you need at the time of the report, call the Records Department at (530)841-2300.
I lost my copy of a "fix-it" ticket. How do I get another copy?
You will need to contact the Yreka Police Records Department at (530)841-2300.
How can I pay for a parking ticket, or file an appeal on one?
To pay your fine, send it in the provided envelope to: P.O. Box 2730, Huntington Beach, CA 92647. To appeal, visit the Yreka Police Department at 412 W. Miner St. or click here to view the parking Appeal Procedure (PDF, 1MB).
How do I register a gun?
The police department does not register firearms. Private gun dealers will complete the necessary state forms for you for a fee.
How can I find out if someone has a warrant?
To find out if YOU have a warrant, you can come into the police station in person and identify yourself. If you have a warrant, you may be taken into custody, or you may be cited & released. Warrant information is not given by phone. To find out if someone else has a warrant, call the court you believe has jurisdiction where the crime occurred.
How can I find out if someone is in jail?
Contact the Siskiyou County Jail at (530)842-8157 or at 315 S. Oregon St.
Can I check someone's criminal history?
You can check your local criminal history for your record with YPD only. You must come in person and show identification. If you want to check your statewide criminal history, contact the Department of Justice at (916)227-3822. You cannot check anyone else's criminal history. It is not public information. You can, however, check public conviction records at the Court, either in person or through private background investigative agencies.
How do I find out the status of my case?
Call and leave message for the officer/investigator assigned to your case. It is helpful if you have your case number available. Please call our Records Department at (530)841-2300. Press the pound (#) key and listen for the officer/investigator's name.
I was arrested, but wasn't given a court appearance date. How do I find out if/when I need to go to court?
If you were not immediately charged with a crime, charges may be filed after the investigation is complete. If a complaint is filed, the Court will mail you a Notice to Appear. If the Court cannot locate a current address for you, an arrest warrant will be issued. If you are concerned about being charged with a crime, talk to the officer or investigator handling the case to find out more information.
My son/daughter was arrested. Can I get a copy of the report?
If your child was over 18 at the time of the incident, you have no right to receive any information. Parents of a juvenile defendant can usually obtain a copy of the report.
I reported a crime, and the person responsible wasn't ever charged. Why?
The decision to charge (or not charge) a person with a crime is not something the police department controls. We document the facts of a crime, and make an identification of responsible individuals. The District Attorney decides whether or not to file a complaint. If your case was not filed, contact the District Attorney's Office at (530)842-8125.
Can I find out if someone has a restraining order against them?
The court that has jurisdiction of the restraining order may release information to you. YPD will not release that information.
Someone violated a restraining order, but wasn't arrested. Why?
The decision to file charges against someone is made by the District Attorney, not the police department. Our function is to document and assemble evidence for the District Attorney. If you have a question about a case, contact the involved officer.
How can I find out the results of my blood alcohol test?
Your attorney will receive a copy of your arrest report when you appear in court for arraignment. YPD does not provide this information to you.
Can my employer get a copy of my criminal history?
It depends. Most government and state agencies can receive this information on prospective employees. Private sector employers will not be able to obtain your record from the police department.
Does YPD offer child car seat inspections?
Yes. Call the Yreka Police Department at (530)842-2300 and ask for Officer Scott Daugherty, the officer in charge of child seat inspections.
Can I post a "No Parking" or "No Trespassing" or "No Skateboarding" sign on my property?
YPD hands out packets that explain the whole procedure and examples free to the public.
My friend got arrested and no one ever read him his rights. Why?
For an adult, there is no requirement to advise you of your Miranda rights unless you are in custody and we want to question you about the crime. However, if you are being arrested for a traffic warrant, you may never be advised of your rights. For the same reason, if you are questioned in your home and you are not in custody, advisement of rights is not an issue.
How do I recover found or held property?
The release of property is coordinated with the Siskiyou County District Attorney's Office and the Yreka Police Department Investigations Division. When a case is being adjudicated, all property associated with it is held as evidence. Once the Trial has been completed, property is returned to the owner. If property is not claimed, it is prepared for auction or destroyed. Any found property not claimed within 90 days is also prepared for auction. Only those items that can be legally released are auctioned. Property is released by appointment only, during business hours.
How can I get a restraining order?
The best way is to contact an attorney. However, you may obtain a packet at the County Courthouse and file for a restraining order yourself. If you are a victim of domestic violence, Siskiyou Domestic Violence & Crisis Center can help you at (530)842-6629. Once your restraining order has been issued, bring a copy of the order and the proof of service to the police department. Keep a copy for yourself; it shows the expiration date. A report on a restraining order violation cannot be made without that copy and the proof of service on file.
Does the Yreka Police Department participate in patch or badge trading?
No, the Yreka Police Department does not participate in patch and badge trading with either civilians or other departments.