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Yreka Fire Department

Jerry Lemos -Fire Chief

The Yreka Volunteer Fire Department began as the Siskiyou Hook & Ladder Company Number 1 in 1856. At that time, all of the engines and equipment were privately owned by the 30 volunteer members of the company. In 1924, the Siskiyou Hook & Ladder Company was officially reorganized as the Yreka Volunteer Fire Department.

Today, the Department is authorized to have 50 volunteers; however, the active roster consists of about 30 members. The operations and volunteers of the Department are managed by an Executive Board of seven members.

Yreka's volunteer firefighters respond to an average of 1,400 incidents per year. Additionally, the Yreka Fire Department responds to situations outside the City providing mutual aid. Volunteers are called away from work or family an average of three times every day to respond to 911 emergency calls. Currently, 80% of all calls the Fire Department responds to are medical-related. The rise in 911 emergency (and non-emergency) medical calls is one of the major challenges facing the Fire Department.

If you would like to help ensure Yreka's fire safety, you can make a donation to the Yreka Volunteer Fire Department or call City Hall at (530)841-2386 for more information.

Yreka Volunteer Fire Department.
401 W Miner St
Yreka, CA 96097

Measure H (Fire Tax)

In November of 2006, a two-thirds voter majority approved a special property-based assessment known as the fire tax. This tax enables the Fire Department to purchase capital equipment. With the revenue from the fire tax, the City was able to secure a 10-year loan for $1,091,964 in order to purchase a four-wheel-drive Intruder Pumper Truck and a Quint Aerial Ladder Truck as well as the related hoses and supplies to outfit the engines.

Yard Waste Burning

Prohibited Burning

The burning of household garbage, including paper products, is prohibited by State law.  As of 2004 burn barrels are also banned.

Burn Permits

Burn permits are required for all outdoor residential burning.  A no-cost permit to burn within the City Limits of the City of Yreka may be obtained at City Hall. Burn permits do not expire, however, they are usually suspended between May and November due to critical fire conditions.  With a valid burn permit, yard waste may be burned in small heaps and piles not to exceed dimensions of 3'x3'x3'.

Safe Burning Practices

  • DO NOT BURN UNLESS IT IS A PERMISSIBLE BURN DAY which is determined by the Siskiyou County Air Pollution Control.
    CALL the Siskiyou County Burn Day Information Line at (530) 842-8123 to check before burning.
  • Read and follow all precautions on your burn permit.
  • Burning shall be confined from daylight to dark.
  • Never burn on windy days or during long dry periods.
  • When practical, consider composting material rather than burning.  Leaves are ideal for composting.
  • Be neighborly.  If your smoke becomes a problem, put your fire out and burn when conditions are more smoke-management friendly.
  • Never leave the fire unattended.  At least one able-bodied adult must be present at all times.
  • Keep a shovel and rake present.
  • Have a reliable water source or extinguisher accessible at all times.
  • Wear protective clothing.


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