What do I do if I have lower pressure than normal?

Before calling, do a quick check around the house and yard to look for obvious problems that may be affecting your water pressure. Look to see if there is anything else running in the house or outside, check the strainer on the faucet to see if it might be plugged, and check to see if water is coming up in the yard or curb box.

The most common problem that we find when investigating a low pressure complaint is a failed pressure regulator. The City of Yreka has many pressure zones so many homes install a pressure regulator to lower the water pressure to an acceptable level. Since too high of a pressure may cause leaks or breaks in household plumbing, pressure regulators are designed to close when they fail resulting in lower than normal pressure.

Although pressure regulators are part of the household plumbing system and therefore the homeowners responsibility, we are available to help investigate the problem or to shut off the water at the meter so that the regulator can be replaced. Call City Hall at 530-841-2386 for information about main breaks or hydrant flushing that may affect your water pressure. The Public Works Department will send someone out to check the low pressure if a reason cannot be determined over the telephone.

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