Why does my water look cloudy?

Water in the distribution system is under pressure. Any air trapped in the pressurized pipes will dissolve while under pressure. At the faucet, the air is released and gives water a "cloudy" or "milky" appearance. A small amount of air may be normal; in fact many faucets have aeration features built in. The quality of the water is not affected by the entrapped air.

If the air entered the distribution system after the repair of a pipe in the distribution system, you may experience more air than usual in your household plumbing for a short time. You can help purge the excess air from your plumbing by opening faucets throughout the house and at outside hose bibs until the water runs clear. If you let us know of the problem, we may be able to flush a hydrant in your area to reduce the amount of flushing needed at your home.

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