Forest CreekHistory

Prior to 1970, the City's only water sources included a number of wells and reservoirs. The Greenhorn Dam and Reservoir was a major source of water for the City, but the quantity of water available during drought conditions was unreliable.

As the City grew, droughts and water shortages began to have greater impacts, and there were critical water shortages during the summers of 1944, 1955, 1957, 1959, and 1966. In 1966, the City commissioned a feasibility study to find alternative water sources. The report recommended that the City install a water conduit from Fall Creek, at a location about 23 miles northeast of the City. Construction of the 24-inch pipeline from Fall Creek, Fall Creek Pump Station, Water Treatment Plant (WTP), and Evergreen, City Ranch, and Klamath Pass Reservoirs, was completed in 1968, giving the City a safe reliable water supply.

Currently, the City obtains its normal water supply from Fall Creek based on a State water right that allows withdrawal of up to 15 Cubic Feet per Second or (9.7 Million Gallon a Day).

Water Quality Reports

Water quality reports are designed to inform the public about the quality of water and services we deliver every day. Our purpose is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and protect our water resources. We are committed to ensuring the quality of your water.

Please note: Water quality reports for each year are posted in the spring of the following year. If you do not see the report that you are looking for, please check back again soon.

Water Customer Maintenance Responsibilities

Water customers are responsible for maintaining everything on their side of the water meter, including the connection to the water meter itself.

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