Licensing Fees

Licenses are issued annually (January through December) and are delinquent March 1st. A penalty of $10 will be applied to delinquent accounts. Current rabies certificates are required at time of licensing.

Dog License Fees 

Dog License Fees will be $35 for altered dogs (spayed or neutered), and $105 for unaltered dogs.

Community Service Fee Waiver

To assist dog owners who are on fixed incomes, the City has established a Community Service Fee Waiver. This waiver is granted to parties who have performed 3 hours of community service for an altered dog and 10 hours for an unaltered dog. Income limits are based on total household income. Applicants must provide proof of income by submitting their most recent income tax returns.

Community Service

Qualified applicants will then have to perform community service with an approved agency or organization. After completion of the required hours, applicants will have to submit a form filled out by the approved agency or organization. All community service hours must be completed and all paperwork must be submitted before a dog can be licensed. If community service or forms are not completed/submitted before the deadline for licensing dogs, the license will be subject to late fees.

Please contact City Hall at 530-841-2386 for more information.

Why I Should Purchase a License & Have My Dog Wear It

  • A lost dog can be identified by the license number and brought home.
  • If you are not home and your dog is impounded, we can notify you.
  • If a dog bites and has a current rabies shot and license, it can be kept at home for observation, preventing costly impound fees.
  • If your dog is injured, and needs immediate authorization for medical procedures through a veterinarian, we can run your dog's license and contact you at the emergency number you provided us when you licensed the dog.
  • If you are traveling and have a car accident, sometimes the dog is thrown clear, to end up lost in possibly another state. A dog license can be traced from anywhere, at any time. With the emergency contact number you provided when you licensed the dog, we could contact someone to retrieve your dog.

Failure to license your dog can result in a citation. A license on your dog helps the state regulate the assured compliance of the Rabies Ordinance established for the health and welfare of your community.

Purchasing the Dog License

Dog licenses may be purchased or renewed at:
Yreka City Hall
701 Fourth Street
Yreka, CA 96097
Phone: 530-841-2386

Contact us for more information.