Animal Impound

The purpose of the Yreka Animal Control Division is to educate the public regarding responsible pet ownership and enforcing City animal ordinances. We perform a variety of services that help animals as well as the public: 

  • Controlling stray and potentially dangerous animals roaming at large
  • Housing dogs in the animal shelter where their owners can reclaim them
  • Removing stray dead animals from public property
  • Rescuing injured or sick animals
Dog Posing with a Police Uniform

Responsibilities of Animal Control Officers

Animal Control officers are in action every day, handling many routine as well as emergency situations with pets and wild animals. One of the most important things that we do is to investigate animal bites. Animals that bite are quarantined and placed under observation to make sure the threat of rabies does not exist. Other situations which we investigate are animal cruelty and abuse, complaints of animal noise annoyance, unsanitary conditions, and abandoned animals.

Animal Impound Fees

Charges for impounding and keeping dogs:

  • Notification - $10.00
  • Dog unlicensed at time of impound  – $50.00
  • Pick up fee (altered dog) – (1st time) $25.00 (2nd time) 50.00 (3rd time) $100
  • Pick up fee (unaltered dog) - (1st time) $35.00 (2nd time) 50.00 (3rd time) $100
  • Boarding fee - $5.00 per day
  • Other – If a dog comes into our pound that appears to be sick or injured it will be transported to a veterinarian to be examined. The owner at time of pick up is responsible for all fees associated with the animal.