Missing Persons

  • The following individuals are currently listed as Missing Persons. By being missing these people are not wanted for any crime; however, they have friends and/or family members who are concerned about their well-being.
  • If you have any information as to the whereabouts or status of any of these people, please call 530-841-2300 as soon as possible; or if you are outside the Yreka area, please contact your nearest local law enforcement agency.

Contact the Police Department.


Steven Andrew Matts
  • Case number 11-9742
  • M/P Steven Andrew Matts; Date of Birth July 20, 1954
  • 509 230 brown hair, brown eyes
  • Last seen at Yreka High School on September 20, 2011, and last heard from on September 21, 2011
  • Matts' credit card was last known to be used in Halsey, or while traveling north on Interstate 5
  • Matts is in a gold Chevrolet S10 truck bearing CA plate 6T15009. The plate is linked to his missing person entry into the MPS system

Gold Chevrolet S10 Truck

Phillip Verne Deshayes
  • Case number 86-3652
  • M/P Phillip Verne Deshayes; Date of Birth June 2, 1951
  • 509 135 dark brown wavy hair, brown eyes, glasses.
  • Transient. Mother (R/P) said M/P last used Debit card in Yreka on June 2, 1986.
  • His wallet located in Mount Shasta on June 4, 1986.
  • Arrested by Yreka Police Department on May 8, 1986 and transferred to Tehama County Mental Health the same day.
  • Last Yreka Police Department entry on October 1, 1986, showing M/P stayed in local motels per their managers, but M/P could not be located.