Food Service Establishment (FSE) FOG Program

Yreka has over 80 food service establishments with kitchens, and over 40 of them have high or medium fats, oils, and grease (FOG) problem potential. FOG potential is determined by the number customers, meals served, and menu items that include significant fats, oils and grease in ingredients or preparation. The FOG Source Control Program focuses special attention on these FSEs.

FOG build up is particularly hazardous for FSEs because they can cause:

  • Blocked sewer lines which can cause raw sewage overflows in and around the FSE
  • Expensive cleanup, repair and replacement of damaged property
  • Rancid Odors


In order to prevent excessive FOG build ups, commercial or institutional FSEs, in addition to kitchen best management practices, need to collect and dispose of waste grease. Food-grade (yellow) grease should be collected and recycled. Waste (brown) grease should be collected in grease interceptor vaults or grease traps, and hauled and disposed of by State registered transporters.

The California Building Code requires that all new or remodeled kitchens in food serving establishments install waste grease collection equipment. Some older commercial kitchens also have grease traps or vaults, although they are not mandatory. As part of the FOG Source Control Program, the City will assist these older existing FSEs, where possible, to install waste grease collection equipment. In addition, special FOG education materials will be distributed to all high and medium potential restaurants and institutions.