The Maintenance Division also maintains the sewer mains. Their responsibility extends from the sewer mains in the street, up to, but not including the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The property owner owns and is responsible for maintaining the entire sewer lateral from the plumbing in the property owner's buildings, up to and including the connection to the sewer main in the street. If there is a clog in the sewer lateral, it is the property owner's responsibility to clear it. City crews are not allowed onto private property in order to clean or maintain privately owned sewer laterals.

Inflow & Infiltration (I&I)

Inflow and infiltration is the process in which uncontaminated water (water that does not need to be treated) flows or seeps into the City's sewer system. It can decrease the efficiency of the system, which increases the cost of treatment. Inflow and infiltration can also overwhelm the sewer system during big storms, which may cause sewer overflows and other hazards.

Inflow is when stormwater (rainwater) enters the sewer collection system through prohibited connections to the City's sewer system with a roof, yard or basement, or other type of drain. If your property has a connection like this, you will need to remove the connection right away.

Infiltration is when groundwater enters into the sewer system via loose joints and connections or through cracked or otherwise broken pipes. Properly maintaining your sewer lateral plays a very important role in the overall maintenance of the sewer collection system.