Measure H (Fire Tax)

In November of 2006, a two-thirds voter majority approved a special property-based assessment known as the fire tax. This tax enables the Fire Department to purchase capital equipment. 

Equipment Purchased

With the revenue from the fire tax, the City was able to secure a 10-year loan for $1,091,964 in order to purchase a four-wheel-drive Intruder Pumper Truck and a Quint Aerial Ladder Truck as well as the related hoses and supplies to outfit the engines. Since 2006, the Department has been able to replace all apparatus, that had reached the end of its lifespan. The Department currently operates one 70-foot Quint, one Type 1 pumper, one Type 2 pumper, one Type 3 Wildland engine, one Type 6 rescue/pumper and two utility vehicles for responding to medical aids.