Weed Abatement

The City of Yreka Weed Abatement Program's primary goal is to reduce the fire hazard from dry vegetation that becomes extremely flammable in dry and hot weather. Many fires can be prevented with proper weed abatement.

City staff will be conducting Weed Abatement inspections around May 6, 2019, to ensure all dry vegetation, weeds, rubbish, and other fire hazards are removed from properties in accordance with City policy.

City of Yreka Weed Abatement Policy

  • If your parcel is one acre in size or less, all weeds must be mowed.
  • If your parcel is larger than one acre, a minimum 40-foot perimeter around the property must be mowed or cut to a height of 4 inches or less.
  • Clear all weeds around fences, sidewalks, curbs, gutters and other areas.
  • Alleyway abatement requirements. Cut all grasses in privately owned alleyways to a height of 4 inches or less.
  • Due to weeds growing back, regular mowing will most likely be necessary.

Please call 530-841-2350 if you have any questions.


Reminder: During windy and warm days, especially when humidity is below 15%, it is recommended that you do not mow or disc after 10 a.m.

If a severe wind event occurs, do not mow or disc. Fires can be started by mowing or disking during high-risk weather conditions. Please remember to have an adequate extinguisher available to extinguish any accidental fires.