Code Enforcement

The City of Yreka is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and providing responsive services for our community. With this goal in mind, the Code Enforcement Division was developed to address concerns about unsafe, unhealthy or unsightly conditions in homes, neighborhoods, and the entire community.

Municipal Code

Code Enforcement works in close association with the Yreka Police Department, Planning, Building, Public Works Departments, and other local agencies to maintain high community standards by addressing violations of the Yreka Municipal Code. Through enforcement of these ordinances, and with community awareness and involvement, Yreka will continue to be a place everyone feels proud to call home. 

Enforcement’s mission is to maintain the highest quality of life possible for our citizens by ensuring healthy and safe neighborhoods. That happens through enforcement of the Municipal Code, and specifically addressing issues that have been identified as a public nuisance. While the department relies on education, there are fines, fees and legal action available to ensure compliance with this important set of laws.


Complaints are now able to be submitted through the "Report It" button on the bottom of the City page, as well as this link Report It

Code Enforcement responds to complaints received from the public. When a case is opened, courtesy letters are mailed out, detailing the alleged violation, and giving a specified amount of time to bring the alleged violation into compliance or get in touch with the department for assistance. A follow-up inspection is conducted, and if the violation is verified a Notice of Violation is issued providing proper time to make any necessary corrections or to formally appeal the department’s application of the code section.

The vast majority of code enforcement complaints are resolved at this stage in the process. For those that are not, the City has an established process of fines and hearings that code enforcement uses to recover its cost to investigate the violation. The top reason for the levying of fines and fees occurs when the property owner or business owner simply doesn’t address the issue.

Code Enforcement will assist you in any way possible. However, some issues may require referral to different departments or agencies for resolution.