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Water Conservation Watering Schedule and Restrictions


The City of Yreka is currently implementing Stage 2 “Water Alert” of the City’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan due to drought related mandatory water restrictions imposed by the State on outdoor irrigation and other water-related activities. Water customers will be notified of changes in City water conservation measures as new information becomes available. 

For more information, view the public notice>

***The information in this document is correct, with the exception of the watering schedule. For the current schedule, see the text to the right. 

Watering Schedule – Outdoor sprinklers, irrigation systems, and hand and manual watering are limited to a maximum of 3 days per week based on the following odd-even schedule. Properly operating drip irrigation systems and soaker hoses are exempt from day and time restrictions.

Addresses that end with an EVEN number (2,4,6,8,0): Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Addresses that end with an ODD number (1,3,5,7,9): Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

No sprinklers or landscape irrigation permitted on Mondays

Recommended watering hours are between 8:00 pm and 8:00 am

Self-Certification of Supply Reliability for Three Additional Years of Drought 

The City of Yreka has submitted a self-certified analysis to the State Water Board of the future reliability of Fall Creek supply if drought conditions continue in the State. If accepted, a new conservation standard may be assigned to the City based on local conditions. A link to the analysis is below.


Other Restrictions and Provisions

  • Water shall be used for beneficial uses. All wasteful use of water is prohibited.
  • Water shall be confined to the customer’s property and shall not run off to adjoining property or to the roadside ditch or gutter. Care shall be taken to not water past the saturation point.
  • Automatic shut-off devices and/or sprinkler timers are recommended for use on any hose or filling apparatus in use.
  • Washing of streets, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, buildings or other hardscape surfaces is prohibited, except as necessary for health, sanitation or fire protection purposes.
  • Using potable water in a fountain or decorative water feature is prohibited, unless the water is circulated. Using a hose to wash a vehicle is prohibited, unless the hose is fitted with a shut off nozzle.
  • Irrigating turf or ornamental landscapes during 48 hours following measurable precipitation.

Water Efficiency Program


Act quickly to take advantage of the State’s SAVE OUR WATER program that is now offering grants for residential turf removal and toilet replacement beginning August 12, 2015.  The State-administered-grant* provides a rebate of $2.00 per square foot of turf converted to low-water use landscapes in single-family homes up to a maximum of $2,000.  The program also provides a rebate of up to $100 to replace one toilet per household using more than 1.6 gallons per flush with a qualifying high-efficiency toilet using 1.28 gallons per flush or less.  The rebates are funded by $30 million from Prop 1 Water Bond 2014 and are expected to be used rapidly.  To learn more or to apply, visit www.saveourwaterrebates.com or call 844-642-7410.  Apply soon while funds are still available!  

*Please note, this program is not administrated by the City of Yreka or its staff.


Incentives are available to business and residential customers for water and energy savings.  Some examples of energy saving measures that include water savings are clothes washers, evaporative coolers, commercial dishwashers and ice machines.  Residential wattsmart® starter kits are also available and include Water-Sense certified faucet aerators and high-efficiency shower heads. For more information view one of the below links:

wattsmart® Business California

wattsmart® Residential California

Save water and save money!

Significant amounts of water can be wasted by leaks, inefficient water fixtures and appliances, and inappropriate landscaping and irrigation. 

For tips to reduce water use, please see the Water Efficiency Program flyer located at right. Most Yreka water customers use twice as much water during the summer, due to landscape irrigation. In order to help water customers and residents reduce landscape irrigation water use, the City has developed two informative publications, located in the box on the right side of your screen.

Reducing Water Bills Through Water Efficient Landscaping presents landscaping and irrigation ideas for saving water. The Yreka Water Efficient Plant Guide is an extensive list of trees, shrubs, groundcovers, vines, annuals and perennials which are rated for their water use, and are suitable for Yreka gardens and landscaping. Please feel free to check them out!

Top Water Saving Tips


  • Fix leaks!
  • Use high efficiency fixtures (toilets, faucets, shower heads) and appliances (dish and clothing washers).*
  • Only use washers when full.*
  • Turn off water when brushing teeth or shaving.* 
  • Take shorter showers.* 
  • *Also Saves Electricity


  • Fix leaks and prevent run-off!
  • Use a timer for watering and water only when dry.
  • Reduce UNUSED turf and follow the Lawn Watering Guide for remaining turf areas.
  • Use drip lines or porous soaker hoses on non-lawn areas.
  • Mulch to maintain moisture.
  • Replace pop-up sprays and impact heads with rotators or stream rotors

*Remember to use Fire Safe Landscaping techniques.

Home Water Survey

To save water and money schedule a free home survey by calling 530-841-2370.

Why water efficiency?

Although Yreka has an excellent source of water, we have only a limited storage capacity for increased demands in the summer, and need to plan for emergencies such as power outages and fires. Yreka must also comply with strict State requirements to ensure the safety, security and efficient use of drinking water as an essential and limited resource.



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