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Utility Billing

Account Set Up Fees Reduced by 25% Starting January 1, 2014

Effective January 1, 2014, account set up fees will be reduced by 25% for an indefinite period of time. This will lower the current account set up fee from $100 to $75. 

Current Utility Rates

View the current utility rates.

DRAFT Water & Wastewater Utility Rate Study 2013

This report presents the results of the review and analysis of the City’s current Water and Wastewater Enterprise rates. This review was conducted to determine if the current rate structures can provide the revenues needed to allow the City to recover the total costs of the Water and Wastewater Enterprises from existing and future customers. Costs that were reviewed included the costs of operation and maintenance, debt service, normal additions and replacements to the systems, administrative costs, and capital improvement programs.

The purpose of the study was also to identify possible changes to the City’s current rate structures, which may be required to provide the future revenues needed to meet projected costs. In addition, the City requested that the rate structures be equitable such that, as nearly as practical, each customer would pay their fair share of the costs of providing the services received.

Draft Rate Study May, 2013 (PDF, 810 KB)         

Monthly Water Bill Comparison to Similar Cities (PDF, 213 KB)     

Monthly Sewer Bill Comparison to Similar Cities (PDF, 231 KB)

How to Reduce Your Utility Bill

1.       Your meter may be able to be down-sized.  This would reduce the base rate applied to your account.  The application for down-sizing is available on the top right of this page and at City Hall.

2.       Yreka offers discounts for qualified low-income households. The application for the low-income discount is available on the top right of this page and at City Hall.

3.       Yreka provides several publications to help customers identify ways to more efficiently use water and reduce their bills.   This includes a review of appliances, household practices, and landscape features that may be able to be updated or revised to use less water.   If you’d like more information,  please see the Water Efficiency page.

4.       Water leaks can quickly increase your utility bill, visit the Water Leaks page for tips on checking to see if you may have a water leak. 

Water and Sewer

The City's water and sewer utilities pay entirely for their own operating, maintenance and replacement through user fees and charges. Previously, those fees and charges were not a sufficient source of revenue to cover the overall costs. Costs continue to increase due to new regulations, increasing requirements, higher operating expenses, and higher material costs for the backlog of deferred maintenance that the City is working to complete. The City recently completed the Fall Creek Water System Improvement Project. This project allows the City to not only meet growing demand for water, but also increase water storage capacity, and to meet State and Federal water quality standards.

For 2012-2013, effective 10/01/12, rates based on the water meter size start at $31.60; a flow rate charge based on consumption starts at $1.86 per 1,000 gallons; and the sewer charge for 1 household equivalent (HE) is $42.00. The City has also adopted a policy to encourage conservation by which customers can apply for a reduction in water meter size so long as the reduction will conform to the California Plumbing Code. Applications are available  under "Utility Forms" on the right side of the page, or at City Hall.

Measure H (Fire Tax)

In November of 2006, a two-thirds voter majority approved a special property-based assessment known as the Fire Tax. This tax enables the Fire Department to purchase capital equipment.  The "Fire Tax" allows the Yreka Volunteer Fire Department to be well equipped, which helps them to better protect and serve the public. The Fire Tax is only applied to property owners, and cannot be charged to tenants. An annual adjustment index is applied to the Fire Tax.

Landfill (Solid Waste Disposal) Fee

The current Solid Waste Disposal Fee, or Landfill Fee, was established in June 2008, following the County's ownership takeover of the landfill (now a transfer station). The Landfill Fee allows access to the County's transfer station for Yreka residents. Fees for dumping (at the transfer station) and pick up (Yreka Transfer) fees will still apply. Landfill Fees only go to pay for Solid Waste Disposal expenses incurred by the City, and an annual adjustment index is applied to the fee.

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