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Public Review Documents

Ringe Pool Feasibility Study (13 MB) posted 9/20/2018

Annual Development Impact Fee Review Report (7.1 MB) posted 8/21/2018

Public Hearing Notice and Proposed Zoning Code Amendment Ordinance (9.6 MB) Posted 8/6/2018

Public Hearing Notice - Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Control Ordinance (76.1 KB) Posted 6/7/2018

Resolution No. 2018-26 - Establishing Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Fees (99.6 KB) Posted 6/7/2018

Notice of Public Hearing Proposed Changes to City of Yreka Water and Wastewater Rates (101KB) and 2018 Water and Wastewater Utility Rate Study (659KB)  and Guidelines for the Submission and Tabulation of Protest in Connection with Rate Hearings (414KB) Posted 4/30/2018 

Notice of Intent/Notice of Availability - Dollar General Retail Store (58.4 KB) Posted 4/20/2018

Draft Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration - Dollar General Retail Store (7.8) MB Posted 4/19/2018

Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration - Yreka Water Supply and Storage Improvements Project

Cannabis 101 Presentation Slides (Special Council Meeting, September 27, 2017)

Public Hearing Notice and Summary of Ordinance No. 850

Ordinance 850: Nonmedical Marijuana Cultivation

City of Yreka 2016 Greenway Master Plan and Flood Hazard Reduction Project Draft Environmental Report (DEIR)

The Greenway Master Plan DEIR is composed of the main report and several Appendices (see links below).

2016 Greenway Master Plan DEIR 12/14/2016 (20.5 MB).   

Appendix 1.0 NOP and Comment Letters 12/14/2016 (2.5 MB).   

Appendix 3.2 Air Quality 12/14/2016 (795.3 KB).   

Appendix 3.5 Greenhouse Gas Emissions 12/14/2016 (916.7 KB).   

Appendix 3.6 Soils Reports 12/14/2016 (4.1 MB).   

Appendix 3.8 Hydrology and Hydraulics 12/14/2016 (43.2 MB).   

Appendix 5.0 Fuel Usage 11/21/2016 (91.4 KB).   

2016 Yreka Creek Greenway Master Plan Update

The Master Plan Update is composed of the main update report, several Appendices, and a KMZ file that can be used with Google Earth to show maps of the recommended actions in the Master Plan. The documents can be downloaded as a whole or in parts (see links and descriptions below).

Full ZIP file of all documents:

Complete 2016 Yreka Creek Greenway Master Plan Update 11/21/2016 (ZIP File, 115.7 MB).   

Separate documents for individual download:

Informational Workshops for Yreka Creek Greenway Master Plan 11/21/2016 (PDF, 366 KB). A flyer with dates and times for Informational Workshops regarding the Master Plan.

2016 Yreka Creek Greenway Master Plan Update 11/21/2016 (PDF, 37.7 MB). The Master Plan Update report alone.

Master Plan Appendix A: Policies Narrative 11/21/2016 (PDF, 370 KB)

Master Plan Appendix B: Yreka Creek Hydrology Report 11/21/2016 (PDF, 9.7 MB)

Master Plan Appendix C: Geomorphic Analysis Report for Yreka Creek Greenway Floodplain Construction Projects 11/21/2016 (PDF, 33.3 MB)

Master Plan Appendix D: Yreka Creek Greenway Design Recommendations 11/21/2016 (PDF, 194 KB)

Master Plan Appendix E: Yreka Creek Greenway SWPPP Information 11/21/2016 (PDF, 14.0 MB)

Master Plan Appendix F: Recommended Native Plant Species and Methods for Yreka Creek Greenway 11/21/2016 (PDF, 78.2 KB)

Master Plan Appendix G: Yreka Creek Greenway Interpretive Plan 11/21/2016 (PDF,10.5 MB)

Master Plan Appendix H: Yreka Creek Greenway Included Lands 11/21/2016 (PDF, 394 KB)

Master Plan Appendix I: Operations, Maintenance and Monitoring Plan 11/21/2016 (PDF, 155 KB)

Master Plan Appendix J: Annotated Bibliography 11/21/2016 (PDF,143 KB MB)

Master Plan KMZ File and Instructions 11/21/2016 (ZIP File, 12.4 MB).  A ZIP file containing the KMZ file and an instruction page.

Draft 2015 Urban Water Management Plan 11/22/2016 (15.1 MB)

Notice of Availability for Review of Annual Development Impact Fee Report 09/20/2016 (1.0 MB)

Notice of Summary of an Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Yreka enacting chapter 9.26 entitled “medical marijuana cultivation, distribution and delivery prohibited” prohibiting the cultivation, distribution and delivery of medical marijuana within all zones in the City of Yreka (16.9 KB)

Notice of Public Hearing (512.8 KB) Fruit Growers Supply Company Sawmill Project Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (8.4 MB)

Notice of Availability/Notice of Intent to Adopt/Notice of Public Hearing (754.9 KB)  Sousa Ready Mix, LLC. Concrete Batch Plant Project, Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (1.5 MB) Posted 5/2/2016

Notice of Availability for Review of Annual Development Impact Fee Report 10/20/2015 (927 KB)

Flood Hazard Reduction Project Notice of Preparation Posted 9/16/2015 (2.4 MB)

Proposed Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance Posted 7/22/2015 (126.6 KB)

Proposed Water Efficiency Ordinance Posted 7/22/2015 (105.3 KB)

Notice of Public Hearing and Public Availability of CDBG Program Income Reuse Plan Posted 9/15/2014 (259.7 KB)

Notice of Availability/Notice of Intent to Adopt/Notice of Public Hearing (17 KB) Fruit Growers Supply Company Sawmill Project, Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (15.5 MB) Posted 4/18/14

Yreka Housing Element April 2014 Posted 4/8/2014 (PDF, 2.1 MB)

Yreka Strategic Tourism Marketing Plan Posted 12/20/13 (PDF, 3.7 MB)

Karuk Tribe Casino Project Draft Tribal Environmental Impact Report Posted 12/11/13 (PDF, 9 MB)

Karuk Tribe Casino Project Draft Tribal Environmental Impact Report Appendices Posted 12/11/13 (PDF, 14.2 MB)

Yreka Tractor Supply Project - Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration Posted 11/8/2013 (PDF, 5.4 MB)

Notice of Public Hearing, Availability of Annual Development Impact Fee Review and Update of Capital Improvement Plan Report Posted 10/24/2013 (PDF, 6.3 MB)

Cal Recycle - Public Hearing on Mid-Year Rate Adjustment - 2013 Statewide Commingled Rate Calculation Posted 8/22/2013 (PDF, 471 KB)

DRAFT Water and Wastewater Utility Rate Study, May 2013 Posted 6/11/2013 (PDF, 810 KB)

Yreka Creek Trail Development Public Review Draft: Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration Posted 12/12/12 (PDF, 18.8 MB)

Annual Development Impact Fee Review Report Posted 11/26/2012 (PDF, 6.9 MB)

YPD Needs Assessment Report Posted 11/2/2012 (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Dog License Fee Increase Proposal 2013-2017 Posted 10/8/2012 (PDF, 51 KB)

Amendment of Yreka Municipal Code Section 11.23.050 Water System Fees, sections (b) and (c) [Approved Fire Sprinkler Systems] for the City of Yreka Posted 8/27/2012 (3.2 MB, PDF)

The following is a draft report that is required as part of the City's application for a renewal of the Fall Creek Water Permit. Posted 3/16/2012.

Draft Initial Study/Negative Declaration for the Fall Creek Water Permit Projecct (9.7 MB, PDF)

Humbug Detention Feasibility Report Exectutive Summary (29 KB, PDF)

Final Report Plan to Assist Low Income Residents with Water Use Efficiency (503 KB, PDF)