Current Projects

Flood Hazard Reduction Project

The City's ongoing Flood Hazard Reduction Program consists of several components and includes the current Flood Hazard Reduction Project. This project is funded by a $5,000,000 grant from the California Department of Water Resources and includes the newly updated Yreka Creek Greenway Master Plan (PDF). The Master Plan Update provides guidance for the development of a comprehensive greenway system in the City of Yreka to reduce flood hazards, improve water quality, restore fish and wildlife habitat, and create a network of streamside trails with related recreational facilities.

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The next phase of the Flood Hazard Reduction Project will take place at the Klamath National Forest Service Center and will include lowering and widening the current floodplain, moving and replacing several Service Center buildings, constructing a new fire cache building, and replacing a vehicular bridge across Yreka Creek to the east of the Service Center.

Upcoming Projects

Oregon Street Overlay

The Oregon Street Overlay was funded through California's State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) funds. The overlay on Oregon Street will be from Miner Street to Turre Street, and construction is projected to begin in June of 2017.